How can I find the classic songs in this website?

You can find it by year, by genres and by titles. If you want an easier way, you can just search for the song but make sure to do it in the 20th century section. You can also search by year and find the greatest hits in there. Or if you want, go with the genres and look for the type of songs you are interested in the most.

How can I create a playlist?

Just like doing it on your phone, you have to put a song in a new playlist before you rename it. You can just add more songs after that and make it go well with your own perspective. If you want, you can create one by year, by genres or by artists. Anything you prefer will be fine so go ahead and make lots of playlists!

Can I create a playlist even though I don’t sign up?

I’m afraid you can’t. You have to make an account and log on our website to be able to create a playlist. If you create one without doing so, your data will get lost and the songs you saved will be deleted. We cannot keep playlists unless you have your own account.

How can I get the chance to receive one of your vinyl collections?

There are no specific requirements but we suggest that you participate more in the forum and interact with more people for a bigger chance of winning. We randomly pick users in the forum and choose them to give our vinyl. You can create a lot of playlists too and comment in a lot of posts because that’s how we pick the winners. Our website chooses those who are active and we hope you get picked soon.