About Us


We’re completely aware how the new genres and concepts of music are trending nowadays. As much as we love the new songs, we still couldn’t help but feel like listening to the classic songs. That’s the reason why years ago, we’ve been fascinated about the thought of bringing back the old songs without completely forgetting about the new ones too.

It was always nice to be nostalgic and sometimes reminisce about something through songs. We thought it’ll be a nice idea to put both 20th and 21st century songs in one place. We received a lot of great feedback from the start of our website and that only encouraged us to do more and continue this thing. After receiving great messages from a lot of people, we decided to create a forum for everyone where anyone is free to give their thoughts and interact with each other. It worked great especially when you want to ask for recommendations and suggestions.

Our team has great collections of vinyl since most of us loved music be it 20th or 21st century. We picked randomly from the people who signed up here and gave them some of our collections. We thought it’ll be a great idea to give some of this for free and it was really nice to share these possessions to other people.

Since our mission is to spread and bring back the classical songs without forgetting about the modern ones as well, it was really an honor to make the different types of music available in this website. We’re glad to be able to make it happen. Everyone are welcome in this website and we’re hoping to see more people here. Hopefully, we became an instrument to bring back the old music and refresh the memories that these songs created from before.