Welcome to Heavy Light Records

Welcome to Heavy Light Records, the absolute website for you to find old songs including the trending and popular new ones!

Traditional, funk and old songs are not common nowadays. This is because the youth of today prefer modern and trendy songs. But of course, not all of us don’t miss these kinds of music when vinyl and cassette tapes were still in use. It’s such a shame that those legendary music are now mostly hidden in our attics, basements and even on our wood garage doors in Tulsa. We’re sure that a lot of older people miss these music to which they have grown up with.

Still, we cannot ignore the people, especially teens who like new song types and genres. They like it for being catchy, trendy and in tune with the times which is very refreshing for young ones like us. Though we’re part of this new generation, we still can’t just forget about the traditional songs that used to be the ones to give music, melody and harmony in our world. We are bringing the old and new music here in Heavy Light Records.

Songs from the 90s and even 80s can be found here in our website. It brings back memories and we’re sure many people will love it. But remember that we also have the latest trendy hits in here as well. All you have to do is search for any song or look for the genres and find random music. You can create a library or playlist here but only if you sign up. We suggest you do that for a better experience and for nonstop listening of those nostalgic songs. You can also do the same with the popular and modern songs. Just search here in our website and tap to listen. Create an account and make sure to put as many songs as you want in your library and playlists.

Share your opinions and thoughts in the forum section and just interact with many people. Make sure to see the newly created songs from different artists and listen for free. Our website is always updated every time about the things happening in the music industry. If there’s an artist you follow, we’ll make sure to update you about them.

To make our website more enjoyable, we put a lot of details about the artists and the songs you can see in here. Facts, information and trivia can be found so we’re not just listening to music, but we’re learning a lot as well.

Create an account and sign up for a chance to have free vinyl from your favorite artists way back in the 60s, 70, 80s and 90s. Since we loved the music even from before, we thought it’ll be fun to give some of our collections for free. These things are legendary and the songs are unforgettable. It’s better not to forget about the music that made our world livelier years ago. Of course, we all have our preferences and our own tastes when it comes to songs and music but it’ll be fun to share and remember the old ones with our families.